Oz-IA/2008 - Program of Sessions

Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st September

Short sessions are 30 minutes long and will give a quick or introductory coverage of a topic. We do expect that for some attendees some of these sessions will be old hat .. which means you have an ideal time to catch up with some of your colleagues in the break area.

Advanced sessions are 60 minutes long and will delve deeper into their topics. A small amount of prior knowledge of relevant terms will be assumed, and a reading list for pre-conference homework may be provided. We expect these sessions to have something for just about everyone.

We also have a program of pre-conference workshops, plus a couple of social events being planned.

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How about them apples? UCD benchmarking as an ROI technique
Andrew Boyd
Short Session
How do you show middle managers that ROI case for IA? UCD benchmarking is one way, but how do you compare apples with apples and know what you’re supposed to be measuring?
Homer Simpson & UCD in large goverment change programmes
Caronne Carruthers-Taylor
Short Session
A thoughtful, informed user experience design process takes into account human cognition & human behaviour and utilises appropriate UCD techniques. This session willl look at some UCD techniques and the associated deliverables required within large government change programmes.
Ambient Personalisation & Rich Interaction Mechanisms
Christopher Khalil
Advanced Session
The missing goal in computing is invisibility. In this session we will look at practical mechanisms for allowing the user to personalise a site without even knowing it.
The Pleasure and Pain of UX freestylin’
Donna Spencer, Gary Barber
Advanced Session
Two veteran UX/IA freelancers give the lowdown on the freelancing in our industry, and answer your questions.
Are users really ready for faceted search?
Elizabeth Pek
Short Session
Easy content discoverability is a goal for any business. This session will discuss the faceted search experience and whether a Google style simple search interface works in all contexts.
Context is everything
Iain Barker
Short Session
We must ground our work in a rich understanding of the context of use, or else we run the risk of creating well meaning rubbish.
Where is Square 1?
James Hunter
Short Session
The transition from whatever you were to whatever you are now.
Let’s talk about forms
Jessica Enders
Short Session
Love ‘em or hate ‘em, nothing would get done without forms. Come and learn the secrets behind the ones that work.
The value of an interaction
Joel Flom
Short Session
Have you ever delivered a usability-perfected design that flopped? From accessible to meaningful, design interactions that meet the internal needs and desires of people.
Contextual Enquiries – the who, how, why, and when
Lisa Herrod
Advanced Session
Contextual Enquiries are interesting, sometimes even fun! But if you’ve never conducted user research before it can all seem a little overwhelming and intimidating. There’s a lot to think about before you even start observing, and how do you structure your research, how do you make sense of all those notes?!
Taken out of context: old tricks, new dog
Margaret L Ruwoldt
Short Session
Case study and lessons learned: can IA and UX techniques help solve a business strategy problem?
Psych your mind — IA and Social Computing Strategy
Matthew Hodgson
Advanced Session
How can IAs become great architects of social online spaces? Matt’s presentation, “Psych your Mind”, will show you how.
iPhone: rethinking the mobile IA
Oliver Weidlich
Short Session
“What a difference an IA makes” or how I learned to love the mobile experience
Search and sensibility: Four tales of search
Louisa Cameron, Angus Fraser, Scott Bryant, Chris Khalil (News Digital Media)
Advanced Session
Four highly trafficked online services, four very different takes on search; we share lessons learned and tips for helping users find what they are looking for.
Building a navigation structure for HealthInsite using thesaurus management software
Prue Deacon
Short Session
This presentation will show how the broader/narrower relationships in a thesaurus structure can be the basis for a classification scheme and hence support a site navigation structure.
Taxonomy, Social Networks and Pace-Layering
Roger Hudson
Advanced Session
Is our growing reliance on search rotting our brains? Will social software replace conventional site taxonomy? Can pace-layering provide an answer to these questions?
Automated tree testing - faster, better, smarter?
Sam Ng
Short Session
What would we learn if we ran 300 people through a tree test of an IA? What if we then made on the fly changes and test another 300 people? Presenting case studies of projects run with automated tree testing software.
IA in the Cayman Islands
Sam Ng
Short Session
Did you know there are IAs in Costa Rica, Botswana and the Cayman Islands? This and other interesting statistics, trends and insights derived from looking at 2,500 card sorting customers from around the world.
Website to Webapp – designing for workflow
Shane Morris
Advanced Session
Web applications are much easier to design than traditional web sites, right? I mean, there’s only one page in the site map! How hard could it be? Right?
From research fluff to useful tools
Stephen Cox
Short Session
Having lots of research data can be frustrating, what do you do with it all? Learn how News Digital Media transforms its research into practical tools for design.
UX Strategy: defining and executing strategies for your UX projects and UX teams
Steve Baty
Advanced Session
UX Strategy: competition, competency, alignment & fit. Gain an understanding of what these simple terms mean for you, and the user experience you’re trying to implement.
How many seconds does it take to order a burrito?
Zafer Bilda
Advanced Session
This session is about experience modelling, changing dialogues, temporal and spatial analysis of coustomer flow and burritos! Innovative and interesting stuff you can ponder on.


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