How many seconds does it take to order a burrito?

Advanced Session, presented by Zafer Bilda.

This session is about experience modelling, changing dialogues, temporal and spatial analysis of customer flow and burritos! Innovative and interesting stuff you can ponder on.

This case study demonstrates how user research and experience modelling was implemented to improve the business case of Guzman Y Gomez (GYG), Mexican Taquerias (fast food shops) by solving a design problem.

At the time, the company owners were planning to open a new shop in one of Sydney's most busy lunchtime food courts. They wanted to ensure the food ordering experience was quick and smooth enough to remove the long queues and in turn, sell more Burritos. They wanted to speed up the food ordering process without loosing their food concept and company values (i.e. without becoming “McGomez”).

We conducted field studies including competitor observations and analyses, GYG staff interviews, contextual enquiries, customer observations, interviews and behavioural analyses. The analyses and findings from these different research methods enabled us to come up with an experience model to achieve a smooth and quick ordering/eating experience.

As a result of our experience modelling, the average ordering and queuing time was reduced by fifty percent. Customer flow in the shop was also significantly enhanced after the experience modelling. GYG recently opened their new shop based on our new experience model and are now earning six times more during lunch time sales than before.

Zafer Bilda

Zafer Bilda

Zafer Bilda is an Experience Architect at Different, Sydney, specialising in Human Centred Design research, where he has worked across financial, media, telecommunications, retail, tourism and government sectors. He is also a part-time senior researcher at UTS and has over 8 years research experience specializing in human behaviour in interactive environments (including web sites, virtual and sensor environments) and how people experience, creatively engage with and think about technology.

As an active participant in the academic community, Zafer has published over 30 research papers, and presented and led workshops at international conferences in the areas of design, innovative technologies, new media and cognitive science. He has lectured at University of Sydney and University of Technology, Sydney and given seminars locally and internationally on design research; design thinking; interaction design; analysing human behaviour; qualitative research methods; creativity and user experiences in the artistic context.

Zafer completed his PhD. in Design Computing and Cognition at University of Sydney in 2006. He has an MFA from Bilkent University and a Bachelor of Science degree from Middle East Technical University in Turkey. He was awarded an International Postgraduate Research Award (IPRS) by Department of Education Australia to undertake his PhD and he is a holder of a Fulbright scholarship awarded by American–Turkish Association.

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