From research fluff to useful tools

Short Session, presented by Stephen Cox.

Having lots of research data can be frustrating, what do you do with it all? Learn how News Digital Media transforms its research into practical tools for design.

How do you turn fluffy research data into something you can use? Using real world examples Stephen Cox will illustrate how the User Standards and innovative Technology (USiT) team in News Digital Media translates and transforms the wealth of data from ethnographic, contextual and other forms of research into practical tools for information architects, interaction designers and other people involved in the design process.

Some of the tools discussed will be:

  • Real world vocabularies
  • Personas and Case studies
  • Concept maps and Conceptual diagrams
  • Brainstorming cards
  • Feature matrices

Stephen Cox

Stephen Cox

Stephen is the Design Research Lead at News Digital Media (NDM) in Sydney. His job involves working with the business to include an understanding of real people into the design of News Digital Media's websites. The design research team uses a range of techniques and theories from the social sciences to help capture and understand the motivations of people. Working with the user experience team, business units and business strategists, the design research team helps the business create practical, effective and innovative design solutions that match needs.

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