Website to Webapp - designing for workflow

Advanced Session, presented by Shane Morris.

Web applications are much easier to design than traditional web sites, right? I mean, there’s only one page in the site map! How hard could it be? Right?

As we see more and more “Rich Interactive Applications” on the web, hard questions are being asked of information architects. Just how do you create a site map for a one-screen website? Card sorting sure aint gonna help! How do we design to support a shift from users finding their way to information to users summoning functionality to them? What can the design of web applications learn from desktop applications?

Shane Morris

Shane Morris

As a User Experience Evangelist at Microsoft, Shane Morris inspires, trains and collaborates with organisations to create great experiences for their products and services.

Shane has worked as a user experience designer since 1991 and is a recognised leader in the field. He has taught user-centred design techniques around the world and regularly presents and blogs on user experience, interaction design, usability, and of course what Microsoft is up to in user experience. He works with both creative and technical professionals - helping them collaborate to create services that empower, inspire and reward.

Shane’s passion is transforming the complex and constrained into the simple and powerful. Not just because it’s a valuable endeavour that empowers individuals, but because it’s hard — and therefore immensely rewarding.

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