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Short Session, presented by James Hunter.

The transition from whatever you were to whatever you are now.

Most people attending Oz-IA have at some stage in their career decided they wanted to make a living designing the delivery of information to others.

For the last two years I’ve had what I’d call a keen interest in the work done by IAs and UX designers. I’ve joined online discussions, I’ve attended industry events, I’ve spoken to experts in the field. One recurring theme of the discussions held in the IA/UX space is the shortage of experienced professionals in this industry. But how to do you become an experienced professional if you can’t get experience?

Some idea’s on bridging the gap from what you are now; be it writer, designer, developer, producer or whatever it may be, to working in Information Architecture. And some questions for those hiring about how to create a career path for those wanting to work in the field.

James Hunter

James Hunter

James Hunter is a freelance user experience designer currently working for the NSW Department of Education and Training. In the past 6 years James has worked as a web developer, content management system implementation consultant, and online producer. James is making a transition from implementing information architecture and user experience design deliverables to defining them.

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