Ambient Personalisation & Rich Interaction Mechanisms

Advanced Session, presented by Christopher Khalil.

Does one size really fit all? Most interfaces are designed to suit some users and their contexts more than others. However, as we design we often have to throw out solutions that could encompass other user populations and contexts, we do this so we can build for the “majority” of users. But what happens to these discarded designs?

Is there a way we can integrate them into the overall system and design an interface that is everything to everybody?

Well it’s not easy but by designing a degree of personalisation into the system we can offer the user the ability to access and craft their own versions of those alternatives. We allow them to create a context that suits them while giving them the ability to create their own information architecture.

In this session Chris Khalil will:

  • Explain what Ambient Personalisation is and how it helps give the user choice, customisation and control.
  • Go through principles on how to make personalisation succeed
  • Provide practical tips and methodologies for designing in personalisation
  • Explain how to best harness Web2.0 technologies to enable a good user experience

Christopher Khalil

Christopher Khalil

Chris is a Senior Experience Architect at News Digital Media (NDM). He has over 12 years experience in the field working on anything from the design of complex desktop applications and intelligent collaborative agent systems to RIA’s, websites and virtual worlds such as Second life. He has presented at a variety of international conferences and published numerous papers in the field. Prior to arriving in NSW Chris was the CHISIG leader for Victoria.

As well as his work at NDM he has designed solutions for clients such as BHP Billiton, CGU, Goodyear/Dunlop and Schlumberger and worked on HCI research at both Loughborough University and XeroxParc Europe, Cambridge (both in the UK).

Chris has a degree in Electronic Systems Design, a Research Masters in Telecommunications and a PhD in Human Computer Interaction. His thesis was on Auto-Adaptive Multimedia Interfaces.

You can read more of his thoughts on User Experience on his blog.

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