IA in the Cayman Islands

Short Session, presented by Sam Ng.

Did you know there are IAs in Costa Rica, Botswana and the Cayman Islands? This and other interesting trends, statistics and insights derived from looking at 2500 card sorting customers from around the world.

Information architecture as a practice seems to be growing at speed. It appears that recently the practice and the people have multiplied significantly. Who are they? Where do they work? What do they do? What do they know? What do they struggle with?

This session will provide a wide collection of interesting statistics, trends and comments that may give you some insights into what is shaping our industry and who is a part of it. All statistics are derived from OptimalSort, an online card sorting tool that has been used by over 110,000 people with 2,536 customers.

From the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission to the Surrey Police force to NASA, Sam will present the organisations, the people and the behaviours as captured by OptimalSort. The hope for this session is that you will be inspired by the growth in our industry and realise that you're not alone in what you do!

Sam Ng

Sam Ng

Sam trained as an industrial designer but quickly realized there were few industrial design jobs in NZ - so he co-founded NZ's leading UX consultancy Optimal Usability. At Optimal Usability, Sam has personally worked with more than 40 clients and on projects as diverse as retail customer experience, national park conservation through to online dating.

With 6 years self-taught experience in all things UX, web and business, Sam now leads a small startup team to create smart software for UX professionals. The first product, OptimalSort, is an online card sorting tool that has rapidly gained popularity – with over 110,000 end users in just over 12 months. A second product OptimalTree, is due to be released in late 2008.

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