Optimal Sort

Optimal Sort

OptimalSort makes it easier for you to be a better designer.

Getting accurate research data from end users is a must have for information and user experience designers. Research data not only informs our decision making but can also communicate the value of our work within the organisations we are in.

The easier it is for you to involve end users, the greater your impact in the organisation.

OptimalSort makes it dead easy for you to involve 10, 100 or 1000 people in the creation of an information architecture using card sorting. Get data to support your theories, iterate designs more frequently and stop endless debates about which label to use.

Get started now. Sign up for a free account at www.optimalsort.com

Program Schedule is online

The program schedule is now online. Don’t worry, we have a couple suprises planned to de-stress the packed schedule.

Student rates!

We’re offering special rates for full time students, for the conference and for the workshops.


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