Objective Digital

Objective Digital

Objective Digital offers a range of ‘usability’ research, design and testing products, which enable you to gain valuable insights into the behaviours and thought patterns of your customers and staff. We help you to use these insights to design usable technology, with high levels of customer satisfaction and great return on investment. They are also the authorised Tobii eye tracker reseller for Australia and New Zealand.

Our products are:

  • User-Centred Design
  • Subscription Audits
  • Remote User Testing (Moderated or Automated )
  • On-site User Testing (with Eye Tracking )
  • Expert Review
  • Custom Consulting

For more information, visit www.objectivedigital.com.

Program Schedule is online

The program schedule is now online. Don’t worry, we have a couple suprises planned to de-stress the packed schedule.

Student rates!

We’re offering special rates for full time students, for the conference and for the workshops.


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