Are users really ready for faceted search?

Short Session, presented by Elizabeth Pek.

Easy content discoverability is a goal for any business. Faceted search is considered an effective interaction model to achieve this. But is this true?

With the dominance of Google, it is also easy to conclude that a simple text box search interface is a familiar and intuitive model for users. But is this also true?

During this session, we will look at search on as a case study. We’ll discuss the challenges of designing for faceted search and how data from the multivariate testing has helped refine the search experience.

Elizabeth Pek

Elizabeth Pek

Elizabeth Pek is Head of User Experience at Fairfax Digital and has been working in the field for the past 10 years. Building on her Masters in Psychology, she has developed a methodology through her various roles that combines user advocacy and research with business drivers.

Elizabeth has applied her user-centered design techniques on a range of projects, from complex eCommerce and business applications to large information sites such as The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age websites. She is passionate about designing compelling user experiences that have a positive impact on key business metrics.

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