The value of an interaction

Short Session, presented by Joel Flom.

Have you ever delivered a usability-perfected design that flopped? From accessible to meaningful, design interactions that meet the internal needs and desires of people.

User experience practitioners design interactions with a specific end state in mind. However, this goal-line approach often causes practitioners to quickly translate user needs into issues of usability (“Users need to tag and quickly reply to a comment”), and as a result, overlook the internal needs and desires of people (“People want to be part of the conversation and not feel stupid when challenged”).

This presentation will introduce a hierarchical model for gauging the value of an interaction – from meeting basic needs (accessible, useful, usable) to fulfilling more advanced expectations (authentic, desirable, meaningful). The approach is pragmatic and is meant to complement common user-centred and usability practices.

Joel Flom

Joel Flom

Joel Flom is the Managing Director of Elavision, an interaction design consultancy based in Brisbane that specialises in making digital products and services work for real people. This often involves untangling the web of technology and trends to create useful, desirable and meaningful interactions for people on both sides of the equation (end users and business stakeholders).

Joel has 11 years experience in the web industry (e-commerce, mobile, online learning, software development) and has worked with clients in the US, UK, Canada, China, New Zealand and Australia. He is a steering committee member of IxDA Brisbane as well as a member of WIPA.

In his spare time, Joel races his mountain bike in cross-country endurance events and does everything possible to get himself and his family outside.

Joel throws out ideas here and there on his blog, Insights.

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