Contextual Enquiries - the who, how, why, and when

Advanced Session, presented by Lisa Herrod.

Contextual Enquiries are interesting, sometimes even fun! But if you’ve never conducted user research before it can all seem a little overwhelming and intimidating. There’s a lot to think about before you even start observing, and how do you structure your research, how do you make sense of all those notes?!

This presentation is for those of you who really want to give it a go but just need a little nudge. During the session we‘ll look at:

  • Planning your research
  • Identifying and recruiting participants
  • Observing and interviewing techniques
  • Making sense of your notes
  • Professional and ethical conduct
  • Classic dos and don’ts to improve the quality of your research

This is a practical ‘How To’ session where I‘ll draw on my personal experience of designing and running user research projects. After this session you‘ll definitely know if Contextual Enquiry is for you. Or not!

Lisa Herrod

Lisa Herrod

Lisa Herrod is the Principal Usability Consultant at Scenario Seven. The primary focus of her work is web usability, which she believes incorporates much more than just user testing. Drawing on a variety of disciplines, Lisa takes an holistic approach to web usability incorporating user research, accessibility, interaction design and web standards development.

Working on the web since 1999, Lisa has had roles ranging from ‘webmaster’ through to developer, designer and lecturer. Her last five years online have focused on user research, usability, accessibility and standards focused design. Lisa is also an experienced presenter, having spoken at Web Essentials, Web Directions, Open Publish, the Web Standards Group and AWIA’s Ideas4 seminar as well as various corporate engagements.

Lisa can also be found blogging at Scenario Girl, Sitepoint and A List Apart where she writes about her take on The User Experience.

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