Oz-IA 2010, Sydney Australia

Date & time

Oz-IA 2010
8:00am - 5:30pm
Fri 8th & Sat 9th
October 2010 at the Menzies Hotel, Sydney NSW 2000


Menzies Hotel
14 Carrington Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

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The Social Psychology of IA: Designing for the One or the Many?

Advanced Session, presented by Matthew Hodgson.

For our ancient ancestors being social was a means of improving survival. Today, survival is often equated with our capability to filter and assimilate vast quantities of information from a plethora of channels. While developing usable IA solutions typically involves understanding this requirement our methods often only takes the perspective of the one over the many. This process is further complicated because IA solutions are approached from many perspectives – a visual designer approaches IA from one point of view, the interaction designer from another, and the programmer from yet another.

How then can we incorporate the needs of the crowd and yet still provide comprehensive information architecture for the one? How can we understand and even experience the solution that other practices posit to deliver a usable IA from all necessary perspectives?

Matthew will examine social psychology and its importance to IA as a holistic human-centric meta-model for solutions delivery. He will draw on case studies in taxonomy and folksonomy development, interaction design, and service delivery, to show how understanding the social aspects of being human influences filtering, attention, choice, decision and usability. Specifically, Matthew’s talk will include exploration of group dynamics and compliance, identity and cognitive dissonance, equity theory, and motivational theory and their practical application to IA.

Matthew Hodgson

Matthew HodgsonMatthew Hodgson is an Agile IA, Web Strategist, User-Experience Architect, and connoisseur of anything chocolate. With some 15 years experience in the web industry, Matthew is highly regarded by peers and colleagues alike for his ability to think ”outside the box“ and deliver innovative solutions to complex business, user and system problems. Matthew’s passion is user-centred design — something he regularly infects in others from a philosophical ”way of working” to the strategic underpinning of agile project management techniques.

Matthew blogs at Matt’s Musings and ZenAgile.

You can find Matthew on Twitter as @magia3e.