Oz-IA 2010, Sydney Australia

Date & time

Oz-IA 2010
8:00am - 5:30pm
Fri 8th & Sat 9th
October 2010 at the Menzies Hotel, Sydney NSW 2000


Menzies Hotel
14 Carrington Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

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Apparently IA - How deep is your thinking

Short Session, presented by Alexander Johannesen.

These are good times for information architecture, it seems the world is catching on to the concept of thinking a bit deeper about information interaction. But did you when you did your last IA? Our methods and processes are little white lies that far too often lull us into a false sense of an appearance of design where there really should be a depth of design. And what are those depths, anyways?

Alexander Johannesen

Alexander Johannesen Alexander Johannesen who wrangles and deals with all things web-related, from large metadata collections, information modelling and Topic Maps, to information architecture, user-centred design and natural philosophy.

Johannesen has more than 18 years experience in the IT industry, ranging from AI (yes, not everything is IA) in the security industry to user interface design big and small to development of enterprise management systems of various sizes. He’s a Topic Maps evangelist, a preacher of KISS and UCD, and a usurper of good mocha coffees everywhere. He blogs, writes articles, hold presentations and generally waffle on about semantic modelling, philosophy, the human side of technology design, and design processes.

He lives in a quiet sea-side town with two kids, a wife and a dog; plays drums and percussion at the neighbours mercy, and loves Monteverdi and baroque music.

You can find him blogging at shelter.nu, and on twitter as @shelterit.