Styling WCAG 2.0 accessible forms with CSS

Half Day Workshop Session, presented by Russ Weakley.

Forms are possibly the hardest aspect of page layouts to style. This workshop will outline how to take WCAG 2.0 compliant forms and lay them out them using CSS.

Learning objectives

Participants will learn:

  • An overview of CSS basics such as rule sets, selectors and floats
  • How to style elements such as form, legend, fieldset, inputs, labels
  • How to overcome some of the harder aspects of form styling such as column layouts, floating in forms and positioning legends

Target audience

Designers and developers with a basic knowledge of CSS who want to know more about styling forms with CSS. Participants are asked to bring a laptop with at least one browser and some sort of text editor.


The workshop will be hands on. We will start with:

  • an existing form markup (covered in Roger Hudson’s “Accessible forms with WCAG 2.0” workshop)
  • a graphic mockup design of the finished form

We will then work through the process of building the form from start to finish.


  • As Aussie as Russ is, his Aussie humor really gave the workshop an informal its-ok-to-laugh-at-yourself feel to the whole day. It was totally enjoyable. The entire session was amazing as Russ drilled down so many facts and clarified several I-thought-I-knew-but-was-not-100%-sure kind of doubts.
  • He’s great at making humorous analogies to explain concepts, which helps make concepts a lot easier to understand and memorable.
  • The workshop was above my expectations with very good presentations and good explanations - and a readiness to answer any questions.
  • Exactly what I needed. Put the pieces of the CSS puzzle together for me. Marvellous!
  • Well structured, clear, easy to follow
  • The presenters knowledge of their subject was super scary - excellent!
  • Good balance between theory and real world practicality
  • Really enjoyed the course. Worth waiting for!

Russ Weakley

Russ Weakley

Russ Weakley has worked as a web designer for the last 13 years. Russ has a detailed knowledge of web design and development. His expertise covers graphic design, interface design, site architecture and standards based development especially in the area of XHTML/CSS. Russ chairs the Web Standards Group which was set up to assist web developers learn about new technologies and accessibility issues. Russ has produced a series of widely acclaimed CSS-based tutorials as well as a book, “Teach Yourself CSS in Ten Minutes”.

Program Schedule is online

The program schedule is now online. Don’t worry, we have a couple suprises planned to de-stress the packed schedule.

Student rates!

We’re offering special rates for full time students, for the conference and for the workshops.


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