Rapid Prototyping in Flash

Half Day Workshop, presented by Philip Fierlinger.

Learn how to use Flash to quickly prototype, evaluate, and iterate design concepts. See a wide range of different prototypes created for major global brands as well as innovative startups. No Flash experience necessary!

Rapid prototyping is essential to the success of Web 2.0 projects and companies like Google, Flickr, 37signals, Adaptive Path, among many others. This workshop provides hands-on lessons for building rapid prototypes in Flash (no experience in Flash necessary). Flash prototyping is a simple yet extremely powerful way to quickly create, evaluate and iterate design concepts to weed out bad ideas and let good ideas emerge.

Workshop Outline

  • Intro (5 min)
  • Why prototyping (5 min)
  • Why Flash (5 min)
  • Overview of different types of prototypes (5 min)
  • Examples and analysis of different types of prototypes (1 hour)
  • Hands-on Flash Basics (1 hour)
  • Hands-on build a prototype (1.5 hours)
  • Wrap-up (10 min)

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to create rapid prototypes in Flash (no experience with Flash necessary)
  • Get detailed tips and tricks on using Flash to build prototypes
  • Get insight into the process of design iterations
  • Get insight into the process of working with developers, investors and other stakeholders
  • Learn interaction design fundamentals
  • Receive a design template with a library of design elements


Anyone who works on web-based projects as a designer, developer, project manager, QA tester, or doing business development or marketing.


  • You do NOT need to already know Flash
  • You will need to bring your own laptop with Flash installed (30 day trial version available for free)

Philip Fierlinger

Philip Fierlinger

Philip Fierlinger is currently Head of Design at Xero. Philip has 20 years experience designing highly successful interactive experiences for global brands including Apple, Dreamworks, Macromedia, plus award winning designs for NewZealand.com, IRD and DOC. More about me can be found at http://turntablemedia.com/blog/about

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