Eye Tracking: Actionable lessons for improved website design

Half Day Workshop, presented by James Breeze.

A hands-on and highly practical workshop examining how Eye Tracking provides insights and learnings which can improve your website designs.

Eye Tracking is a precise method of defining the exact position of a person’s point of gaze on a screen by reflecting infra-red light off the cornea of the eye. James Breeze (IT Psychologist and Eye Tracking expert) will teach you all about Eye Tracking; covering what it is, how it works and how it can be used to see where your customers are looking.

James will also demonstrate a Tobii T60 eye tracker and show you how to run a testing session, as well as interpret the data gathered.

You will discover how Eye Tracking can be used on websites, intranets, mobile phones, TV ads and even supermarket shelves. You will be able to get really stuck in, and even conduct an Eye Tracking test yourself! James will provide heaps of useful design ‘tips and hints’ which Eye Tracking studies have uncovered to help make sure that your website achieves your business goals.

Learning objectives

During the workshop participants will:

  • discover the history of Eye Tracking
  • find out how Eye Tracking actually works
  • learn about various research methods used in Eye Tracking studies
  • get hands on! Conduct an Eye Tracking study on a website of your choice
  • gain insights from real life Eye Tracking case studies
  • gather hints and tips – discover useful and actionable lessons that have been discovered through Eye Tracking research.


The workshop will be highly practical, focusing primarily on how learnings from Eye Tracking can powerfully impact on the effectiveness and usability of your website designs.


This half day workshop is targeted at UX professionals, IAs and website designers who are interested in improving the design of their websites, by using learnings which have come out of Eye Tracking.

James Breeze

James Breeze

James Breeze is a usability expert, IT Psychologist and Eye Tracking expert. He is the Chief Experience Officer of Objective Digital, a Sydney-based usability consultancy.

He has over 8 years experience in usability, having entered the field as it was just starting to emerge in Australia in the late 90s. Until December 2006 he held the position of General Manager at PTG-Global (a Sydney-based usability consultancy). In February 2007 he launched his own usability consultancy, Objective Digital, focusing on user-centred design and usability testing with Eye Tracking.

James is a well known speaker at IA and usability seminars, conferences and workshops in Australia. And he writes a popular blog. His blog focuses on his greatest passion – making the world a more usable place!

James holds a Masters in Organisational Psychology from Macquarie University, Sydney. He also holds a BSc from Adelaide University, and a BA(Hons) from the University of South Australia. He is a registered Psychologist and member of IA-Peers, UPA, CHISIG and AIMIA.

Program Schedule is online

The program schedule is now online. Don’t worry, we have a couple suprises planned to de-stress the packed schedule.

Student rates!

We’re offering special rates for full time students, for the conference and for the workshops.


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