Semantic Analysis in IA

Matthew Hodgson

English is a messy and chaotic language, with exceptions to rules, different styles of writing, and a multitude of different ways to write about the same thing. This chaos means that analysis, categorisation and building a corporate taxonomy is a very time consuming task, even if it’s just for the navigation of the local intranet- or internet website.

Matthew Hodgson will talk about his recent experience in the Department of Health and Ageing – where he turned ‘scary-bad’ medical restrictions text into something machine-usable. He will introduce the concept of Semantic Analysis, the methodology he used to investigate the linguistic patterns in the text, and how this facilitated information classification and codification of content.

Matthew HodgsonMatthew Hodgson is a management consultant with 10 years experience in e-business strategy, information architecture, information management and knowledge management. He has a comprehensive applied knowledge of government and international web and information standards, degrees in organisational psychology and knowledge management, and an intimate understanding of Web 2.0, from wikis to blogs.

Matthew currently works as an Information Architect for SMS Management & Technology as the ACT lead-consultant for Web and Information Management.

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