ROI in Information Design: where IA figures in ID

David Sless

Information designers create and manage the relationship between people and information so that the information is accessible and usable by people, and they provide evidence that the information is accessible and usable to an agreed high standard.

Information design (ID) as a professional practice has had a long-standing preoccupation with evidence of the effectiveness of design. Part of that has been concerned with evidence of a return on investment (ROI) that flows from good ID. I will share with you some of the accumulated evidence on this going back some 30 years. Some of the recent evidence suggests a massive ROI if certain methods and procedures are followed. 

Where does information architecture (IA) contribute to the ROI in ID practice? To answer that one needs to locate IA within ID and provide evidence for it’s specific role within the overall process.

Through a number of case histories, I shall show how IA can contribute to ROI. 

David Sless (photo © Lorna Tilly)Professor David Sless is CEO of the Communication Research Institute, Visiting Professor of Information design in the Design Institute at Coventry University, and Vice President of the International Institute of Information Design.

David graduated from Leeds University in 1965. In 1975 he was awarded an MSc by Durham University for research in information design.

In 1985 he was invited to set up the organisation that became the Communication Research Institute, a not-for-profit body that undertakes research and provides information design services to over 200 large organizations in government and industry.

David is a frequently invited keynote speaker at international conferences, and is the author of over 200 publications.