Open your mind - map it!

James Breeze

Reduce your reporting time by 40%!

User research documentation and IA presentations can be so tedious sometimes.  I used to repeat myself, get lost in an overly long and repetitive executive summary or become entrapped in formatting hell, constantly cutting and pasting long screeds of text within a standard template.   

Mind mapping is becoming increasingly popular in delivering IA work as it organises all the concepts on one page, providing hierarchical grouping and regrouping with the drag of a mouse. New programs have an export feature that means you will never have to format a word or powerpoint document more than once. 

In this tutorial you will learn about the joys of mind mapping. Find out what it is, how to do it and, most importantly, how it can improve the efficiency and creativity of projects you undertake.

James BreezeJames Breeze is a psychologist who constantly seeks better ways of doing things. He enjoys helping people get the most out of technology. James has experience across a myriad of Customer Experience projects across Australia’s largest organisations. He has recently created a new and unique usability company that focusses on scalable consulting products, delivered in a highly motivational context for staff, customers and developers alike.

One Response to “Open your mind - map it!”

  1. Andrew Jeffers says:

    Hi James,

    Unfortunately I will be away for your presentation.

    It is a shame that I will miss what will be an interesting and informative session.

    All the best