Landing Page Optimisation

Hurol Inan

From the point of entry, every page on a website is an acid test. It needs to instill confidence in the user to continue with the task on hand. Simple IA techniques may uplift the performance considerably. This session will look at how to select which pages to focus your optimization efforts on and will provide practical and proven techniques to improve their effectiveness. Testing with real users is also a viable option to further improve the page performance. Multi-variate testing allows you to test various changes to a page with real users of the site and simultaneously.

Hurol InanHurol Inan is a sought-after consultant, speaker and author. He is well recognised as a global authority in the field of web-based analysis and research, and authored two books on the subject: Measuring the Success of Your Website (2002) and Search Analytics (2006). Hurol has 18 years of management consulting experience, the first 11 years of which were with Accenture and Deloitte and the latter part as Managing Director of Bienalto Consulting. Hurol regularly writes articles for print and online media outlets. His website covers articles on IA and Web Analytics.

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