Get out your pinking shears, it’s time to cut a few patterns

Sharon Varley

Ever find yourself designing an interface widget again…and again…and again. Trying to remember exactly how you did it last time. Or maybe you’re working with a team of designers and each of you has created a slightly different variation of the same interface widget. Or worse, your client has applied yet another twist to the same widget. If so, then patterns might just be the answer you’re looking for!

In this practical session we look at the evolution of patterns methodology, how to use it in your design work and how to draw upon a growing online community of pattern designers. Drawing from a case study, we’ll look at how a joint UE team used patterns methodology to tame one of the wildest and largest Australian B2B and B2C websites and deliver a site design that was consistent and efficient to produce. If you’ve got a large design team working on a massive interactive site then patterns methodology should be your best friend – eliminating inefficient redesign, creating a smoother approval process with the client and creating a more consistent user experience.

Sharon VarleySharon Varley is Senior Interaction Designer at Eclipse, Sydney. She has over 16 years experience in interface design, usability and IA. Projects have ranged from enterprise health-care software to websites and web applications for both private industry and government. She is an out-door enthusiast, cyclist, long-distance runner, and animal lover.