Information Architecture of Wikis

James Matheson

Wikis provide an interesting challenge to information architecture because of their fluid nature, which gives users the opportunity to modify the architecture from day to day. While it appears that wikis are chaotic and unstructured, the special features of wikis combined with emergent user behaviour makes them powerful and useful sites for many types of organisations.

This session will explore the current state of wiki technology, drawing on the presenter’s experience in implementing and maintaining numerous wiki implementations in his role as a ‘wiki consultant’. The typical wiki information architecture for intranet and internet sites will be examined and the key features that information architects need to understand when considering wiki structure will be outlined. The session will also give an overview of typical user archetypes which architects need to understand and encourage to improve wiki sites.

James MathesonJames Matheson is an independent consultant who has been working with wiki technology for the last five years. James has recently started his own consultancy company which has been establishing wiki technology in a wide range of of business domains, including education, publishing, corporate security, construction, mining and manufacturing. James has run a number of briefings, workshops and courses in wikis for various audiences, from CEOs to migrant students.

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