Rise to Play a Greater Part – Delivering Specs in the Bigger Picture

Faruk Avdi

This talk is a reverie on issues encountered in commissioning IAs and UX designers for online projects in large organizations.

The literature and bitter experience teaches us that complex projects require an end-to-end approach, yet many organizations are still years away from being able to pull this off with in-house capabilities. And supplier promises to achieve results in the meantime and outside of an end-to-end context often fall seriously short of the mark.

Things get messy and the primary question of this talk is do they need to be this way by virtue of the emergent/new technology period through which we are currently traveling; is this period permanent; are there ways (and thus more opportunities) for IA and UX suppliers to increase the value and depth of their services to large organizations whilst still winning the work and delivering to cost, time and spec?

During the talk the author/interlocutor will look at several project case studies and reflect on some basics of communication and collaboration that sometimes get lost in the cut and thrust of corporate engagement. He’ll wrap up with some proposals for improvement to be discussed by the audience.

Faruk AvdiFaruk Avdi is Online Communication Manager at the NSW Department of Education and Training (DET). DET is the largest organisation public or private in Australia with over 120,000 staff and an annual operational budget exceeding $10Bil. DET is committed to advancing the community’s understanding of and access to Department services including through the use of interactive online technologies.

Prior to DET Faruk worked for Telstra Corporation as an IA and UX design lead for nearly five years. His history prior to this includes stints in the arts, media, communications, and software development.