Call for submissions

The 2007 Oz-IA Information Architecture Conference & Retreat will be a richly informative and entertaining time for all, featuring a packed program on IA theory, practice, and business. Oz-IA/2007 will have two days of scheduled sessions and many informal activities.

Update: Proposals are no longer being solicited for presentation sessions. We are still seeking submissions for inter-session activities.

Presentation Sessions

Regular sessions take the form of a presentation, by one or more speakers, of things like:

  • research findings,
  • case studies,
  • theoretical discussion,
  • description of best practices,
  • an expert deep-dive & guided tour,
  • discussion panel, or
  • an interactive workshop.

That sessions will address core IA principles or offer cross-disciplinary contributions to the practice of IA. Sessions with some audience involvement are popular!

Regular sessions will be scheduled for 45 minutes each.

Session speakers will receive free admission to the conference, and have some travel/accommodation expenses covered.

Inter-session Activities

In between each regular session there will be scheduled 15 minute breaks giving ample time for corridor conversations, networking, feeding nicotine addictions, and catching up with your colleagues.

We also plan to facilitate informal activities during the breaks which will explore various aspects of Information Architecture, where participation is entirely optional. For example, all attendees will be invited to write their current job title onto a sticky note and those interested can then conduct an ongoing card sort over the rest of the weekend. We want more ideas for activities, so send them in!


Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Core IA skills
  • IA deliverables
  • Taxonomies, search, findability
  • Business and IA (e.g. cross-functional teams, value proposition, management)
  • Research and metrics in IA
  • IA Career and Education
  • IA in practice (e.g. content management implementations, web applications, enterprise IA)
  • IA and other disciplines (e.g. user experience, interaction design, information design)
  • Future directions and challenges (e.g. successes and opportunities, semantic web)

Criteria for acceptance

Successful submissions will be judged on the following attributes:

  • IA focused topic (go deeper than more general web conferences)
  • appeal to new and/or established IA practitioners
  • solid practical or research merit
  • original, inspirational, or thought-provoking content
  • high-quality written and graphic presentation
  • contribution to IA practice, theory, and community

Note: Marketing pitches are discouraged.

Submission Materials

For regular sessions, the following items are requested:

  • title - max 10 words, sex it up
  • abstract of 150-200 words
  • one sentence micro-content abstract
  • a description of the intended audience
  • names and bios of presenter(s)
  • headshot photo of presenter(s) - 150×150px gif/jpg/png
  • special requirements (if any)

For informal activities, we only require the following:

  • title - max 10 words, sex it up
  • abstract of 50-200 words
  • description/instructions of how it works/what’s involved
  • materials and equipment requirements (if any)
  • your name for bragging rights, brickbats, and bouquets

We are happy to receive non-final materials if you are pressed to meet the deadline.

Deadline for submissions

Update: the deadline for submissions of presentation sessions has passed, and we are no longer soliciting submissions for presentation sessions. However, we are still seeking suggestions for inter-session activities, so send them in!

Getting it in

Send all session proposals and activity suggestions to