Just in case you want to know who to hit up with bribes for the best seating positions …

Tudor Goode - Conference ChairTudor Goode is our Conference Chair. He’s the master of ceremonies, and the guy to keep an eye on if you don’t want to miss out on any of the content this weekend. Take note: Tudor is known to enjoy a Dimple Blended Scotch on the rocks.

Eric Scheid - Conference OrganiserEric Scheid is our Conference Organiser. Eric will be quietly but frantically keeping the conference running smoothly, and will be handling all the house keeping matters. He prefers top shelf sour mash bourbon. And chocolates.

Jodie Duggan - Chef de les VolontairesJodie Duggan is our Chef de les Volontaires, in charge of bossing the volunteers about to actually do all the housekeeping stuff Eric is frantically failing to do. Keep Jodie happy by slipping a sly Billecarte Salmon her way when Eric isn’t looking.