In 2006 we had industry leaders, domain experts, and practitioners from the trenches — representing government, enterprise, design agency, and education sectors — giving us the benefit of their wisdom, experience, and insights. This year will be no different.

Matthew Hodgson - Semantic analysis in IAScott Parsons - Exploring multidimensional tagging frameworksDonna Maurer - Ethical issues and information architectureJames Breeze - Open your mind - map it!James Matheson - Information Architecture of WikisHurol Inan - Landing Page OptimisationPatrick Kennedy - David Sless - ROI in Information Design: where IA figures in IDFaruk Avdi - Rise to Play a Greater Part – Delivering Specs in the Bigger PictureSteve Baty - Analysing Quantitative DataIain Barker - Is length still an issue?Stephen Collins - Love in an elevator - selling the value of IA to businessGary Bunker - User Research in virtual worldsGabriele Hermansson - User Research in virtual worldsElizabeth Pek - Designing sites people love - balancing emotion with business realityAndy Coffey - Designing sites people love - balancing emotion with business realitySharon Varley - Get out your pinking shears, it’s time to cut a few patternsRashmi Sinha - Fast, cheap & somewhat in control - 10 lessons from the design of SlideShare