Win a free pass!

Posted: 11:50 AM, Tuesday 28 August, 2007

I’m giving away a free pass to Oz-IA/2007!

Oz-IA/2007 - Sydney, September 22nd/23rd 2007Write a blog post saying nice things about Oz-IA/2007 and include the code below, and maybe your blog post will be selected for the free pass.

The fine print: write me a comment below so I know about it, entries close 6:00 PM Thursday 6th September, judge’s decision is final, do not spin fold or mutilate. The pass is transferable, so if you’re already coming you could instead give it away to some lucky colleague.

<a href="" title="Oz-IA/2007 - Sydney, September 22nd/23rd 2007"><img src="" border="0" alt="Oz-IA/2007 - Sydney, September 22nd/23rd 2007" width="150" height="150" /></a>

15 Responses to “Win a free pass!”

  1. Sarah Peeke says:

    Hi Eric,

    I’ve added a blurb to promote Oz-IA/2007 to the homepage of my website (above). It is in the process of a much needed revamp, and will hopefully be updated within a week or two.

    Hopefully this suffices, as I don’t have a blog up at present.


    Sarah :)

  2. Patrick Kennedy says:

    Eric, I had already blogged about OZ-IA but now you’ve piqued my competitive side and I just have to win a prize. True, I am presenting, and yes Step Two are a sponsor, so I won’t need a free pass, but I shall donate it to someone needy, should I win :)

  3. James Breeze says:

    I have blogged too! Objective is presenting and sponsoring (See logo to the right!). I plenty of needy friends!! Also, I might see if I can swing some video capture for the conference?! Can I get more tickets then?


  4. Paul Ridoutt says:

    Hi Eric

    I gave it a shot on my wee site. It’s in the comment section. It is more a blurb than a blog. I am not presenting thank god (unlike others) as I would likely want to talk about “the art of trying to build a Branson type empire on a budget of $1.20 and never actually getting there” or “Mediocrity - it’s not that bad really”


    Paul :-)

  5. Diane says:

    Hi Eric,

    I’ve blogged about Oz IA and I really need to win the pass - otherwise I couldn’t come, my piggy bank is hardly able to cover flights from NZ and accomodation… ;-)

    Cheers, and greetings from Windy Wellington,


  6. Nick Cowie &raquo; Oz-IA/2007 says:

    [...] in plug for Oz-IA/2007. Disclaimer, by putting the Oz-IA logo on this post, I am will go into the draw to win a free ticket to Oz-IA. However, as soon as registrations opened I bought a ticket, so if I do win the ticket to [...]

  7. Off to Oz-IA at Facibus Reviews says:

    [...] from the warm and fuzzy feeling, Eric is offering a free pass to someone who promotes Oz-IA using the above [...]

  8. Shane Morris says:

    Hi Eric, here’s my modest contribution. See you there! Shane

  9. Andrew Boyd says:

    Hi Eric,

    blogged on Facibus Reviews and will cross-promote wherever possible, and will mention it at Canberra IA Cocktail Hour this evening.

    Thanks, Andrew

  10. JJ Halans says:

    Hi Eric,

    Blurped about Oz-IA on my website (, the more geeky stuff) and on my personal personal blog on Vox (about things in life). And I dugg it, and maybe you should too? ;)



  11. James Breeze says:

    Eric, OZ-IA is getting rave reviews!

    How many LinkedIn invites did you send out at 1am last night?

    I have invited mine - Do I get more free passes?

    HM attendees you got so far?


  12. Neerav says:

    Hi Eric

    I’ve added a link to OZ IA from the blog post I made when I first discovered the IA field in 2005


  13. Beck says:

    Tumbl’d, Flickr’d, & link’d.

  14. Katrina Youngman says:

    Hi, I am a web developer/designer with an interest in creating web applications that are functional, easy to use, well structured and attractive. I stumbled across this site today and have just spent the last hour rushing through creating a post on my blog to showcase this event. Its really good to see so many good presentations in one conference, and its even better since its in Australia. Hope to see you all there. Check out my blog for more info. Cheers!!

  15. Ruth Ellison says:

    I twittered about it when you first released the website and again when registrations opened, but here’s my blog post about it :)

    Looking forward to the conference!

    I’ll be there with my camera and will take more shots this year (unlike last year, where I think I barely managed a handful of shots ;).