Program Schedule

Posted: 1:44 AM, Monday 17 September, 2007

The program schedule is now available.

Saturday is a big day. Registration will open at 7:45am, with tea, coffee, and breakfast croissants. Opening and welcome will be at 8:10am, with the first session kicking off just five minutes later. Each session is 45 minutes long, with a 15 minute break.

This year there will be bottomless urns of tea and coffee in addition to the usual morning/afternoon tea breaks.

Out of consideration of the possible after-effects of Happener’s IA-Beers social networking event on Saturday night, Sunday kicks off a little bit later, the final session is from 4:30pm and like last year is an Open Session with content to be determined by the attending delegates. Use this time to ask presenters extra questions, delve deeper into some tangent, or maybe do a lightning presentation of your own.

Finally, we wrap up by retiring to the bar, where FatDUX has put a wad of FatBUX on the bar.

3 Responses to “Program Schedule”

  1. Steve Maher says:

    Hi guys,

    I was just wondering where I can get all the presentations from?

    Kind regards


  2. Eric says:

    Hi Steve, I’m currently collecting all the presentations, and will be uploading them this weekend. Watch the RSS feed or subscribe to email alerts.

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