Many great proposals…

Posted: 11:02 AM, Wednesday 15 August, 2007

We’ve received many great proposals which we are now sorting through.

Topics include wikis, deliverables, documentation, faceted browsing, selling IA, optimising page content and structure, some heady deep-thinking matters, some breezy whirlwind introductions to new material, and several case studies … some sessions will be of particular interest to commercial sector practitioners, others of special interest to in-house corporate or governmental … stay tuned this week for more details, plus we’ll (finally!) be opening registrations.

In reading the proposals, one thing I noticed is that while writing abstracts and biographies seem relatively easy (hah!), some are struggling to find the vocabulary to precisely elaborate who their intended audience is. What audience segment best represents you?

7 Responses to “Many great proposals…”

  1. James breeze says:

    My presentation is for anybody who wants to improve their creative thinking, memory, documentation and organisation!

    Hey this site looks good on my blackberry!


  2. Damian (TOAST) O'Neil says:

    Greetings y’all. I would consider myself a commercial sector practitioner. However, I tend to get the most value from things to do with government / enterprise issues and the deep theoretical stuff, as they are a relative weaknessnes for me, rather than relative strengths.

  3. Matt Clarke says:

    In terms of my audience role, I’m a software development manager seeking info about latest tools and techniques that can improve our products.

  4. Les Kneebone says:

    My interest is faceted browsing, especially of digital content (film clips, images, learning objects) and I work in the education sector - the “lower-ed” sector (primary and secondary school education).

    And this site looks great on my Personal Computer (but sounds hopeless).

  5. Stephen Collins says:

    As a speaker and practicing IA, I want to see what people are doing in the real world. I’m particularly interested in seeing the cutting edge ideas people are coming up for IA research and implementation coupled with practical case studies where they’ve actually used their ideas.

  6. Steve Baty says:

    I’d put myself into the agency practitioner category.

    My presentation (if it is accepted) would be aimed at a similar group, along with commercial/enterprise practitioners and the more general group of people who need to make sense of user research analysis reports.

  7. Faruk Avdi says:

    I’d locate myself in two (actually three) camps (…no, this does not equate to anything resembling a row of tents) - product manager, UXD lead, and practitioner.

    The session I have proposed is for practitioners, consultants, contractors, business relationship and account managers, and anyone else with an interest in improving IA and UXD consulting practice. Conversely, it would also be of interest to those seeking to manage or commission such work into their organisations.