Australian Web Industry Association

Australian Web Industry Association

AWIA is the national association for the Australian web industry. We’ve been promoting the work of the web industry since 2002. Originally known as Port 80 in Western Australia, we have grown nationally from there. In 2006 we became the Australian Web Industry Association to further reflect our professional focus and meet the needs of our members.

What does AWIA do for the web industry?

AWIA wants people in the web industry to be recognised for their innovative work. We aim to make sure great work is rewarded, help t hose who are just starting and provide a support network for those already working in the industry. To date we have achieved this through:

  • Monthly talks that include leading industry experts
  • Pioneering the first web industry awards night
  • Maintaining an active and helpful forum -
  • Representing the needs of the industry to government and educational institutions
  • We offer individual, student and company memberships starting from $20.

    To become a member complete the online form at: